steph (mopani) wrote,

desk-job blues

I have been at my new job for a week; it is pretty good. Today for example I have the dubious joy of having nothing to do. I have already 'stolen' time from the company by using my desk and internet to conduct my own affairs: planning the english lessons that I teach and writing some articles for Passport magazine. For a few weeks I had a lot of very well-paid afternoon english classes but I have had to cancel them because work says that 'there is so much work, that I need to stay until 6 each day'.
Yeah right, I should BE so lucky! It is good having a desk and internet and coffee machine, but we are a little low on stimulating tasks and responsibility. So I am, once again, an office zombie who's eyes are so goggled by the end of the day from staring at the screen that I can barely focus on anything.

So you can expect me to be reviving my LJ quite a bit. And reading all your links, and getting some more FOLK on here too.
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