steph (mopani) wrote,

time wasting chit chat

-- The quality of my life is in direct proportion to the number and quality of the novels i am reading as well as amount of time i have for reading novels. I wonder at what point it would tip the scale in the other direction. For example, if i had utterly nothing to do apart from read novels, or if the only novels on offer were rubbish then i doubt i would be saying this.

-- An observation (that may well be from a novel!): LOVE is like MONEY. It pools around those who already have a lot of it. And if you have some then it is easy to make more.

-- I have no direction and no decisions about my life but it doesnt matter today because the sun is shining and the snow is white and although it is -20 I sweat in my new coat that reminds me of a sleeping bag. They were in brief daft fashion in uk about 10 years ago, a bit unnecessary (although i wish id got round to getting this one a few months ago; i could have saved myself months of shivering and hunching up) but they let me impress this girl at school by pointing at someone who went past in one and going, 'in case a nap attack should strike! you can just roll over on the pavement'.
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