steph (mopani) wrote,


A cat came to live with us, just walked in when a guest was leaving. It might have lived before with a lady on a different floor because the first time it came it stayed for the evening, slept, then got agitated and wanted to be let out, probably for the toilet. Next morning I met it on the stairs on my way out and sent it up to our flat and it willingly went straight in. Been there since.

It's a great cat but it goes a bit psycho at night when we are trying to sleep. Thinking of feeding it a lot and not letting him sleep in the evening so that he might calm down a bit at night. This morning he was an utter psycho when I got up and I realised I hadnt left food out for the night. I gave him a bit of everything that we had in the house - rye toast, cabbage, spicy lentils, meatballs, carrots - and the ate everything. Got cat food today so can leave that out.

Other than attacking our heads in the night he is a perfect cat and I think its great that after wanting a cat for so long but not doing anything about it, one just came of his own accord. Obviously he isnt OURS and he might go as suddenly as he came but for the time being its cool.
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