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Hello all,
I could splurge pages of philosophical musings but that would be the same as, when you're in a long distance relationship, arriving at your partner's house after a year's absence and diving right into a discussion of some new and kinky thing you want to try. Perhaps a small update on my life first? Yes.

Moscow is great but the winter is long... come spring, come! Light til almost 6 now, but still freezing. At least the houses are well heated, not like the rambling, draughty stone houses of home. But still, my mind roams among beaches, glades, fields, dunes, woodland, fluffy clouds and sun.

I play a sport called broomball which is like ice hockey in that it is a team game on ice. BUT instead of skates you have flat, spongy trainers, so you slip and slide all over the place. Great fun!

The cat is a dude. But it's a different cat from the one I told about last year when I last posted. That was a stray who "popped in" for a month or two then when spring came and the wild called, he left again.
This is a huge blue-grey professor of a cat with a melancholy expression and bright blue eyes that stare sadly. A family we know had to move in with the mother in law who is allergic so they gave him to us. Improved our quality of life a million-fold.

One worrying development is a total reliance on online communication for daily happiness. I don't mean that i never see my friends in real life or call them, because i do. But just that, owing to some modern dopamine-receptor mess-up, no matter how many emails, facebook notification or messages i get, it is never enough. Is this a consequence of living in a big city? Is it urban alienation? I just want more online chat! But as soon as i get that long-awaited reply to my email, I read it, instantly process it and move on to waiting for the next one. We (I) have to learn to enjoy the glow of actually receiving answers.

xx y'all
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