steph (mopani) wrote,

Broomball in Kirov

Last weekend (11-13) representatives from some of the Moscow broomball teams went on a jolly to a town in the north called Kirov. Got the overnight train there after work on the friday and came back on the overnight train to go to work on the monday morning. It was a great weekend with lots of friendly games with mixed teams.
Mixed friendly games = SO much more fun than the normal league games (feeling of deja vu - have i written about this before?!).
We were filmed for local TV where the commentator didnt really understand what was going on - he called us "funny and unusual hockey" and could not understand how we had divided up the teams (teams with predominantly black on the shirt ie. girls and germans against coloured shirts which was France, Netherlands, U.S). We were the only girls team who went, the others all being busy parents and fairly humourless to boot :). The Finns didnt go either, either male or female team, presumably because, being so much better at it than everyone else and safe at the top of the league, they have had enough of the game for the season...
But we had a brilliant time charging about, into each other, scoring goals, doing funny tackles, falling over spectacularly and all in a picturesque frozen lake setting.

Well there was HUGE amounts of drinking, swimming, sauna, snowmobiling, bland mashed potato and corned beef meals in the sanatoria we stayed in... and a surprisingly small amount of scandal .

So it made a nice end to the season, to the winter, and I expected spring to follow quickly. But it hasnt: very grey and cold, so if it could just get on with the melting and the springing then that would be lovely. Thanks
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